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Tavlor Jones that the X-rays are given out at the same time that the high
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when, and why % Majendie found that repeated losses of blood would
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in the specialized and highly differentiated protoplasm of the cells of the
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According to him, the horny layer is slightly, the rete considerably, thick-
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six years of age, who had an attempt at crisis by perspiration on the
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? those who are subject to attacks of colic more or less frequently,
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increase of its connective-tissue elements. The tissue of which
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regularly and forcibly, and now, for the first time (according to
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During the paroxysm, the following powders were used: R. — Morphias
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and thus break a natural law, by being the cause of his own
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county superintendents supplement it in supervision. All
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cumulating at their gates. The students of St. George's Hos-
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wherever they could be obtained. These oottleB were whphea
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in the town ; by the end of the second week the cases
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stage, A, whereon a coarse, rugged pin, /, for the object to be fastened
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decorum, which ought to pervade a class employed in visiting the sick,
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they were when I was in general practice and I do not like to hear
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apparently intact, may be held to prove that to ascribe the phenomena of
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patients both within Paris and outside. Several scales of
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In the event of a relapse occurring during an afebrile period there
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The subsequent periods were of two weeks each, the first week being
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(1.) the growth of the pus cells proceeds from the germs of super-
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of the anus, arising from any source of irritation. They
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cies of the sciolistic itinerant, as also, those of more or less of
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prove. The other case was a friend of his wife who had heard of her case, and who
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later he had an attack in which numbness about his left hand and the left
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never met with a case in which, however disfigured,
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atous fluid, and partly of other elements from some other affection of the lung,
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sions, passionateness, morbid timidity, chorea, or rheuma-
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dilatation of the heart remains more or less chronic and relapsing. These
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cord shows that it is never covered by the amnion, which,