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or from severe protracted infectious fevers. Only occasion-
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stage of shock shows itself in increasing degrees of severity as follows;
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his value to his patients is cumulative ; with every passing year, as he prescribes
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ber of intemperate persons are more liable to die of phthisis than an
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of the Kansas live-stock sanitary commission, I visited the farm of H. C. Church,
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of the spermatic cord, and of the rectum, and especially after
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but the body is too far forward, and as is the case in all
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to ambulance waggons for removal to the dressing-station. If
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quadratus luroborum, psoas and iliacus, over which the fascia trans-
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of the thorax and base of the neck, developed from the embryonal
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Real progress will not be made unless all of the factors in this problem
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coldest December ranked second and February third. In
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iiural surgery by his anatomical studies, both normal and morbid.
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avoided. I have never met with this complication after extensive
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During the carrying out of many comparative examinations by
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the complete mantle of fertility ; so that there is a splendid chance
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This pressure squeezes out of the intervening substance, not only the
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upon the gastric digestion is well known. Aside from
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on the left parietal pleura. A chain of enlarged lymph-nodes, con-
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with an inflammatory swollen zone. They appear often
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as the most complicated, but of course these functions never attain as high
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to the mother something of the physiology of digestion. In the
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if one looks over a series of cases and picks out adenocarcinoma
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abnormal discharge persist for a very long time this loin ache is apt to
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teach us to be careful. In addition a careful assistant will
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or swimming in the head, was nearly always present. Mental depression was
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the region may be followed by pain and tenderness in tissues
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Fatty degeneration of nerve, (a) in longitudinal section, (&) in cross section.
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Denver 0.12. The Boston statistics tallied well with the figures of
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gastric hemorrhages being especially frequent. Microscopically there
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The Bufalini Prize. — Some of our philosophical readers
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this consists in the cultivation of the true scientific spirit, in
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iufcufiicieut disinfecting power of the formaldehyde but
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and the third bird was chloroformed. But after making the
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subject suddenly cries out in a peculiar manner and falls in a fit ; at
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relatively new process of color lithography. Beginning in the 1860s,
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(18) Public Entrance Examination (to include the required subjects).
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with the person infected or with any of his personal
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ant upon testing children, and that many of them cannot
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cautery, the application points being usually hatchet-shaped, globular, or
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