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suffered from the affection before it proved fatal, it will be found that

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a very interesting and novel kind, which, if confirmed and esta-

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*' During the six months of the cold season it is tonic, without

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ignorant destroy their children in this way, the wise find safety for them in the use

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In the histology of the blood in this case there are a number

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when the quality of that fluid is impaired by deficiency of food, bad digestion, im-

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the abdomen. Moreover, it will permit us to consider other

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they are often required to use great muscular exertion in lifting weights, and are ex-

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as it does, from a depressed vitality and a morbid condition of the

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noted, and Dermatology and Neurology, so frequently slighted in books on

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thelium of the edges of an ulcer from the bottom of the nicer fills

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circumstance of the clear space, as it were a great room, ^tween

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not always the case. The fact is, that a permanent residence in a tropical climate

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responded to treatment. He has had mumps. Following

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Essay on Pellagra observed at Corfu. By C. PaiTENDEBis

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renovate and invigorate the bl 1, Bhe is by no means past recovery. Thousands

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msumption, by means of fumigation. But, as I. have beforo stated, it

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God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayst freely

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more or less impaired. Jaundice is rarely observed as a result

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and judgment, and as the elemental concepts on which such a

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Bbt. Vi.— Die Erankhafben QeschwiUste. Dreissig Vorlesungen gehalten

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imperfect and perishing corpuscles, but the sulphur yellow

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the renal capillaries will cause the albumen to filter through

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to the husband, or the husband to the wife. It crushes the purity and sanctity of

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toward flexion of the distal phalanx of the thumb when the

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the stethoscope. We confidently believe, however, that as the

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pinkness after some time yields, first on the inner edge of the reversed image,

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is low, I believe that it may safely be asserted that syphilis of

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a derivative, evidently an active principle, isolated by Dr. Jokichi

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sarcolemma in the manner represented in the adjoining

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following remarks : "It is well known that there aro many severe diseases to

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immunity to bacterial toxins, including toxosozins and toxophy-

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For the treatment of sprue three different plans of feeding

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always through the combmed action of two or three simultaneously

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and puffiness, or increased secretion. Slight as these may sometimes

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system, engenders in the mind depravity of various kinds, prevents offspring in

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ance of tetanus Mr. Junor applied to the wound stupes of an infusion

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which and through which the tumours have been evacuated,