Side Effects Of Prednisolone Eye Drops After Cataract Surgery

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one to four days after the onset. The resultant paralysis may be
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because of the general infection of the other organs, let us con-
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the patient complains of soreness in the pelvis, in the region of
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bronchial mucous membrane (usually the small bronchi), and less fre-
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Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, etc. Handsome royal octavo
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Pathology and Ktiology. — The immediate cause is the escape of
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sule {acute hemorrhagic nephritis), though it is more common to see red
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of the red to the white at times being as low as 12 to 1. Considerable
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potence, symmetrical sciatica, cataract, furuuculosis) ; (3) the persistent
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of the esophageal sound ; and upon the mucus, blood, or pus adherent
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5. Passive concjestion. secondary to chronic cardiac lesions or to
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side effects of prednisolone eye drops after cataract surgery
Atlas and Epitome of Diseases Caused by Accidents. By Dr. Ed.
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heart, liver, and kidneys, due to a lack of nutritive supply in consequence
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as a rule, for a few years. A gradual subsidence of the cardinal symp-
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gelia alone (1 to 2 drams — 4.0-8.0), followed by a brisk purge, may
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in about three-quarters of the cases. And mechanical measures
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Pathology. — Among pathologic characters, splenic enlargement is
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predisposing infiuence, since cases are observed to succeed one another
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pointing to cirrhosis, carcinoma, or acute yellow atrophy, form a char-
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has employed nerve-stretching with asserted good results.
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rachitis exists, it should be treated according to the principles laid down
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greatest diflBculty. As pointed out by J. D. Steele, in tumors behind
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after the temperature has reached the normal ; (b) in subacute cases,
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Progfnosis. — Very rarely the torticollis may diminish or even cease
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sometimes in such a manner as to baffle the keenest minds
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are occasionally noted. Slight anesthesia, especially in cases of wrist-
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each day until the premonitory symptoms of ptyalism appear (ten-
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amenable to carbolized vaselin, applied at bed-time, or to belladonna
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Steam atomizers admirably meet the necessities of the case ; and in
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Ktiology. — The causes are divisible into — 1, predisposing; and 2,
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Absolute rest is of first importance. This condition of rest
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scribed under Embolism. Within the vessel a clot is found adherent
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Definition. — Conditions in which the performance of certain habitual
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symptoms are present ; in syringomyelia and pachymeningitis cervicalis
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ciable advantage from their use. Free diaphoresis (from the use of pilo-
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Temperature Chart. Prepared by D. T. Laine, M.D. Size 8x131^
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these instances caries of the spine may result from extension.
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