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At a meeting of the Royal Irish Academy held on Monday
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protected. According to Bohn's wide experience, children from two
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of the brain ; certain poisons, as those of lead and
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REACTION TIME. They consider it very important. It would,
drink with ease a quantity of fluid nourishment, and yet die within the
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impure, and, by cultivation in beef tea, and mutton broth,
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hysterectomy eleven, and morcellation eleven with no mortality.
Jackson suggested the use of sulphuric ether, just as Marcy
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was performed, an oblique incision being made from the left
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In respect of the instrument to be employed, I unhesitatingly avow a prefer-
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The inflammation of the buccal membrane may extend to the
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enthusiastic diuresis or use of nitrates (reducing diastolic
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also been recently elaborately studied by M. Nicaise, who
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drink — that is, the few of us who drink water — in fact,
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sensibly acid, dissolved in earthen vessels heated to 150°, strained,
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Poliomyelitis at Poughkeepsie. — As many as half a
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13. Rokitansky: Manual of Pathologic Anatomy. London: Syden-
never be any difficulty in procuring such evidence. AVe all
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all, up to July 11th, noon, there had been 1,286 cases,
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patients with a creatinine clearance > 30 mL/min (serum creatinine of up to approximately 3 mg/dL). For patients
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ing, and have been endorsed without the deliberation
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to try the simple remedies ; and, with Dr. Chapin, that it was
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generally initiated by a rigor, followed by a fever of a remittent
into the interior of the stomach, and an arrangement is
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