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apparent and arises from the distention of the cellular tissue

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tooth ache Bear s grease is good for aches and cold swellings

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axillary fat and glands is perhaps the best that we

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keeps well. One fluid drachm of it mixed Avith seven

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especially over an infarcted lung. A noticeable feature

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that dysentery is not nearly so common as formerly. The endemic pre

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I have six prenatal patients whom I see once a week

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showing a certain degree of elevation above the surround

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less than forty years of age. While the mortality of those

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tion of carbolic acid. These should always be used warm. Chancres

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moner ones upon which the results of Vienna therapy can

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and Associate in Surgery Johns Hopkins University Associate in

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The New Town Dispensary at Thistle Street was instituted

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to paint the bald area with Liq. epispasticus from time to

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PxKUMococcr.s A diplococcus having a distinct capsule

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and within ten to fifteen minutes after leaving the stable and

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liad caused considerable weakness in the fingers of the corresponding hand. Some

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diagnosis of the prostatic condition has been made without

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cluding the need of quiet and diet and keeping the bowels well

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The disease is never brought about in any other way