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population." In no country, says Dr. Pollock, is consumption

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obtained ; at least one subject gave six definite counts on one morning of 29.

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a blow on the back part of the head from a policeman's truncheon.

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by " nou-laboring classes" professional and mercantile men.

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2. The active part in Credd's method is the nitrate of silver,

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Genes control all protein synthesis and genes control genes.

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drawn towards the middle line, three needles are made to transfix the

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ural way one in six died; of those inoculated, one in two hun-

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Dr. William Thorndike, formerly of Beverly, Mass., but [or

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it the most sensible, and the most effectual, treatment. Abel

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measles, etc. Dr. Blodgett said that he had recently

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ent stage has been subdued within forty-eight hours by the administra-

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films are more difficult to obtain with obese subjects, failure to

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Missions, Edinburgh House, 2 Eaton Gate, London S.W.I,

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— The autumn Matriculation in Medicine of McGill Uni-

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little castor oil added, makes a capital protective antiseptic var-

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to an elementary knowledge of physiology, general hygiene and

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opening. The staple suture was another method ; but he

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more interested. All that is so true that it seems un-

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the liver through the diaphragm. In this relation Dr. F. M.

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filled the lumen of the bowel .so tightly that the inner coat of

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means of a colon, the number denoting the second or sub-

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in their intimate correlatives, the facts of psychology. The

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tale proved, has the power of sustaining the interest of the reader in an

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Florence Morse Kingsley, the delightful "Garden Mother" of the

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oedema of the brain without extravasation of blood.