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enormous dilation of the stomach. Even then, instead of
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portion. It is but fair, however, to state that this symptom
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sultation with the spirit of Galen, the great Greek
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showing a mortality of more than forty per cent One of
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it is usually adopted unconsciously. It is a fault that the most
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plished by forceps, and if craniotomy had been performed, the
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ed with streptococci. She was greatly emaciated, daily temper-
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something more closely, we have a notion, (to use a Yankee
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had in it nothing worth describing ; but in the course of the
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" Dyett drink for the Gout": "Take six or seven gallons of Wort
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2 Biermer, Corresi>ondenzblatt fiir Schweizerische Aertze, Jahgr. 2, No. I., 1872.
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material which must be absorbed. Pregnancy has followed.
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vehicles and whether they were the actual driver or the pas-
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severity and extent of contusion ; gangrenous disintegration of
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and Dr. Paget will agree to this, I will propose, with your
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and anterior surface of the masses off'ers the best possible avenue for
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cumstances should have occurred — and the disease of course
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following exciting causes will induce the disease, while persons witli-
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also how to prevent others from becoming infected. This appears very
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Chenopodium is a dangerous drug, and its application by jiersons
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disease was sudden and the first symptoms were usually
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ments on Facachon's subject. May 12, 1885, she was hypnotized at 11 a.m.;
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;. tion m| ill,- wmiinl. In dui' , .i-f- t lir .i\'<- linn- w.i- loiirti-rn d.i\-.
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finally crystallized by five months' intensive research
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described. Amongst them, however, there ^re groups of ganglion cells,
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A divine scene. Nature unbroken by Art. A climate most delicious :
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The Hodgkin's patients are hospitalized for short periods of time
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than any other. The majority of the deaths were caused, apparently, by
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the immediate direction of Mr. Wolff, it is, as we have said, about
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In' TO.ficUi.Cj q pre ares* u Cuide^iee M miur set,r\u dfrtci/f-ic en C fur-
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intestinal, referable to irritation, and narcotic symptoms. Either class may
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describes a passage in the Talmudic treatise called the.Niddah,
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was tied and secured in the same way as in the pre-
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vasated blood, while the older parts are firmer and paler owiiiu to [In-
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during irrigation of the urethra, a more searching examina-
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The prognosis is as grave as possible after the disease has made a certain
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lulure, of the Murria<re.><. Hirths and Death.^ in the t^tatc for the year
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glass at once. The dry and fixed blood-preparation is then
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for the purpose of clear diagnosis, and complaints are universally made
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to Holloway's pills, although these are of a more innocent description. The
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