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The spectrum of a Pettenkofer test for bile salts, obtained from

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•61206 Leipzig. Physiologische Anstalt zu Leipzig. Ar-

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whatever emanates from his pen. The dedication is made by the author to

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plan of raising the calves on nurse cows, allowing the calf al-

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how useful is it to the body?" Not appearance, but behavior, is

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Treatment— Tl\:m is largely upon general lines. Grood feeding with

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continuous seven days a week and often day and night, so

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ostensible symptoms of uraemia ; and on the other, to all those

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not appear at all. I asked its mother if she would feed this child

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wheat flour and divide it into pills of three or four grains each ;

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one pustule to another, and in the course of a few days the whole becomes in-

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ALL hotel reservations for the 217th Annual Meeting, MSNJ, will be handled by the Atlantic City Convention

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of water and 2 gm. of aluminum amalgam were added and allowed to

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of the foregoing contract, the parties of the first part shall reserve the

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stretched on its left side, the fore limbs and head being

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increased, in others diminished, in number, and the author's observation has

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vertebrae, it may be due to a displaced rib, it may be

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chronic interstitial fibrosis. Mr. Morris, in such cases, advo-

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Kiich, therefore, made the apparatus with quartz instead of glass ;

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far enough to allow this approximtaion — a very great