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Blackwell s Philosophy of Re incarnation and it is regarded by
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nary medicine consists in its use as a purgative to stimulate
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physical laws which he had imagined it bound itself with his celebrated
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sulphurous acid chlorine sulphuretted hydrogen intra
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forms of diphtheria characterized by a constant tendency to sleep
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doubtless prevented any bleeding when excision was finally practiced by its
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The chronic form occasionally appears to recover though
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of another kind. Again the thick dense cutaneous plates on the
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The term Stokes Adams is applied to certain symptoms and not to a
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suitable only when the hemorrhage itself is or threatens to be a source
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degree. She had not lost flesh. The chest was well developed
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plexies. These last usually lie near the vessels are of round irregular or
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or common ducts. Cholecystostomy was done and was followed
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mification of human beings in Egypt whether from religious or hygienic
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ulation. In other cases the muscles of the quarter or shoulder
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disease. It is constantly observed however that after the hyper
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ance of the elements of the tissue proper softening of the inter
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vomiting in dogs cats and pigs fever dropsies ursemic convulsions
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I regard cold as a powerful antiphlogistic and its external applica
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Volume VI. Diseases of the Respiratory Organs. London
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has been found especially valuable. Fresh air an abundant nourishing