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durated." And he adds, " This was about as bad a case of
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along the i)order of the lid ami at the same time broke
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tant. These bacilli are rather short, and are more uni-
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the disease. Having during my attendance at the Royal
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remedies as will incite the various organs of the body, including the
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nizes that it is not the principle that is wrong but the appli-
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and he should be left as solely as possible dependent upon the infor-
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suffer, suffer mainly &om its chronic forms, or from its sequels. It is
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memory which his genius and industry combined demand
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the presence of the salts of the bile-acids in the blood
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flow to the periphery, the quantity of blood in the internal
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contrasted, and the difference in their love of ap-
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diluted with water and tiessleyized ; and so the amount of
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ease in which the term ‘cured’ can never be ap-
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have been the subject of exact research, and the conclusions offered meet
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more roundish protoplasmatic masses (liiacrogametes or oospheres,
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This is readily explained. The adhesions were very long and loose, so as not
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siflcation wnich as yet reposes upon a too uncertain basis. The notions which we
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and sugar reduced to a minimum ; hot water copiously an hour before meals ■
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number of individual organs and their products is necessary to pilot
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Malarious Fever, Treated by Subcutaneous Injection of Quinine 151
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lanoline, 5 j. M. S. — Rub well over painful parts.
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frequently disappear early ; they do not influence prognosis seriously.
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from cases of chronic naso-pharyngitis showed long and
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ject, by dividing the labour among several. Each lecturer who may br
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both kidneys were catheterized separately, the colon bacillus was found
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those who inherit scrofula or syphilis. Cases of such grave import
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invaluable. The whole book, which is beautifully illustrated and most carefully indexed, though
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by charts made according to the usual method. The numbers
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contagion. All the cases were treated at the patient's own residence. The
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part chiefly operates in these cases, or whether another active
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the various parts of the country, reports have come, in
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posal of Garbage." He concluded that cremation of refuse is the
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Bearberry, (Uvce Ursi.) —The leaves of this article
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the hobby too hard. Things are certainly righting them-