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1 pi. Also, traiisl. [Absti.]: Arch. ital. de biol.. Torino,

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the nasal septum " in the course of routine examination of

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ammonia, which she was previously taking. 1 watched her closely,

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bility of tracheotomy in these cases, and the use of a

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perience, warrant the brightest hopes for the future. There

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warm or temperate climates is advisable, and warm clothing, especially

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But when the medicine is taken, these properties do

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ment are very numerous. In some the surface of the eye

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as I began to reap a Utile harvest for my efforts, my agency was re-

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this treatment, and in addressing his medication to the

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usually arranged at the poles of the protoplasmic mass and often at its

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involves the following conditions: — Emaciation, little or no

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Erlenmeyer flask. On potato the growth varies, being sometimes

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separated man from the monkeys, and placed him in the order Bimana.

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cause. Epidemics are chiefly confined to large towns, rarely extending

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contentment, then the prospects will be more hopeful.

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rather difficult to examine ; I have to cocainize the throat

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Atlanta, read a paper with this title. He said there was

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attain a greater size, the pathological changes are still more marked.

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remedy. The patient was under my care for a considerable length of

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sometimes called for to remove local accumulations of

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ture ; and one with ataxic fever, in which the delirium and agitation predomi-

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died twelve hours after the accidimt, from injuries to the thorax At the post-

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all the rest were saved. The crotchet was used once ; the mo-

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any relief. The parents then consulted Dr. Thomson, of Yetholm, who, recog-

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636. Sweet Potato Pudding— Ingredients— 2 cups of mashed