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He selected a dog from whom he had successively removed several portions of fibrin.

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rant, if there be one ; a sudorific also, and tends, in large doses, to keep

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potassium, the familiar drug which the doctor calls

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fever is an abortive remedy. It is not easy to cite many examples of this

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inherited predisposition to the deformity, or slight depression may result

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acute splenitis ; acute parenchymatous and chronic interstitial nephritis ; acute

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the facial nerve in animals, proved that it is the only innervator of the

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previous or concomitant disease of the bronchial mucous membrane.

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there is such a distinct pathological entity, manifesting

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the A. C. E., and has had more nearly fatal accidents from

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If endo-cervicitis be present the copious glairy discharge which it gives

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spongy, but at the base were two or three masses of chronic tubercle the size of fil-

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for days as against a fraction of an hour or so in the flea. As regards

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improvement which has continued. The authors give a

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live and grow, I concluded that my fears of extra-uterine preg-

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The above case, Mr. Dove remarks, suggests the following

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sore mouth and diarrhea in June, 1913, and a pellagrous erythema on

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vary in degree. Obviously, severe muscular exercise which increases

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in later years, and Dr. V. M. Hicks in 1921 — and the firm was, there-

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