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trophic disturbances, such as " glossy fingers," a peculiar, shiny, atrophic con-

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called to these places because they are the seat of constant slight or severe

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are more pronounced, visual hallucinations are common, there is often some

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therefore, escapes change, and is excreted with the urine. If the same

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in stuttering, we see very plainly the influence of mental factors (rest, in-

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together with their f: 1 Icr^-flats. Determine the case net ^

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amount of sugar in the urine, as soon as half an hour to an hour thereafter.

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pressure of the tumor on neighboring parts. Eepeated mention has already

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persons who have to do some severe and persistent bodily work, also in alco-

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Since brain abscesses of this sort, as has been previously mentioned, are most

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sulphates, phosphates, oxalates, tartrates, &c., and the detection of

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in finding in some cases slight changes in the motor ganglion cells them-

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61. Medical Jurisprudence, Hygiene and Preventive Medicine. — A lecture course

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Part lY.; "Medical Geography," Boudin's "Traits de G^graphie

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Very little is to be expected from the use of internal remedies. Iodic! of

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the patient. For all severe cases of exophthalmic goiter it is my custom, in the

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and receive each a salary of £25. Midwifery Assistant: The resident

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Glasgow — of Aberdeen — Eoyal University of Ireland 5—35

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great practical importance — sexual neurasthenia. It usually develops in per-

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S supersedes SG 3ABfi90830-X-l , May 1973, «hich may be used until supply on hand is

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primary point of disease, affects several systems, of fibers which conduct cen-

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4. Temporal Convolutions. — The relation of the temporal lobe to hearing is

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stiffness of the neck. Sometimes there is stiffness of the entire spinal column,

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Hunter, Robert Charles, a, w, sp, Chicago. S.B. (Harvard C.) '36.

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Attention is particularly directed to the importance of passing the

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assist in the Dispensary each quarter, one M. and Th., one Tu. and F., and one W. and

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•entirely satisfactory examination in certain other departments, may, at

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dents and graduates in medicine. Hours to be arranged for each student. Each quarter,

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organized, hemianopsia is to be anticipated. Still, these symptoms are, of