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there must be rendered an unfavorable, as well as a
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in good health, he was seized with a sudden attack of unconsciousness,
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pletely cured, and 5 almost so, in that they could take
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The psychological method was followed bj^ Griesenger and other
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Sevcik, Ludovit. Adjunct Assistant Professor of Anesthesiol-
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a complete ventricular movement (systole and diastole), or in an inverse proportion to the
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have a sanguineous discharge, which later became purulent and foul-smelling.
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standing of appropriate remedies, is sufficient to overcome almost
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D. C, and assume charge of the Hygienic Laboratory as director.
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that as a matter of fact, the society woman sees less of her children
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specific gravities of 1.010 and 1.013. No reduction of Haines' solution was
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satisfactory sequences, both where convalescence has resulted
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which appeared in the October number of the Naskville Journal of
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nephritis I have, however, never observed in the chronic form.
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mation and confusion of vision when an object is regarded for any length of
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every second or third day, according to the length of the
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iodoform was placed in the vaginal cul de sac, and the
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ture of power, for all unnatural excitement of a natural function
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" fkilful graver, reprefented in a copper- plate whillt it
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scientific world. He gave me a copy of his pamphlet
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grains of phenacetin at night. On two successive even-
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undergone retraction, until a large portion of the parietal
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spread adhesions, would not be completely cured because restora-
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the skin continues permanently hot and there is much
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above on one side of the mouth, and let it run down by
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production of horses of great speed have surpassed him. J
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By observation and inquiry the following facts in regard
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Another cause that has led to this postulation of a " centre for
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his occurs because the nucleus is spinning, and this moving
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The second great object to the pancreatic origin of diabetes is the fact that
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acquiring restoration from disuse. It is permitted to receive
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emption from disease came forward to be examined. To
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ferent times, and under differing modifying circumstances,
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relatively larger size of the negative. Other conditions affect the quantity of
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chapel called Elaia would thus be part of the great
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ters, and quite analogous to those found in tubercular lesions in other
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doubts the infectious nature of typhoid fever, yet we have the
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year, with numerous encouraging reports. So having two cases
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gestions or blood stases result, particularly in the brain and cord, and
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orthopedic surgery, Bradford. K. II., 37*1; report on recent pro-
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