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toms, one-third of the cases were 75 per cent, benefited, and

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in a scar, without any actual or real inflammation ever having existed.

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deluge of blood. After this, the opiates were again resorted to.

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Hospital; Henry K. Oliver Professor of Hygiene, Harvard University.

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and is always to be regarded with anxiety, from the danger of acute oedema

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the chronic consolidation. I have observed, in a number of patients who

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These cases include all the gonorrhceal affections of the testis

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stomach acid, give a light brown to dark chocolate tint depending

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when he tries to lie quiet with all of us observing him. In other

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A little more peaceful scientific work and fewer ebullitions of

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at the periphery of the pock ; the second at its centre.

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gard of pathology and the causes of disease. Equally apt are

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(1) Sulfuric acid, approximately 2 N. Dilute 5.6 ml of con-

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may aggravate the kidney much more. On the whole, one may

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Hughes Club, reported by F. D. Stackpole, M. D., secy. : —

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regular sessions were begun on Tuesday morning by the address

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fever, and constitutes one of the varieties of puerperal fever. The severity

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address of the person to whom the report is to be sub-

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is much less abundant. The eruption is more generally diffused,

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fined to a moderate sensation of smarting or burning, — but

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free flagellum. The nucleus is oval and centrally lo-

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exchange honest opinions for the benefit of a life in danger, and

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media described in this section. They are mixtures of the dry in-

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as containers for the boric acid, and for the urine-potas-

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described for total sulfonamide in blood filtrate. Filter

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e. The following step must be done in the dark. Wash in dis-

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within her reach and succeeded in inducing her to drink of it.

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I have not only acquired a daily increasing confidence in the value

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present, been sufficiently considered, and is further dealt with under the

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is dissolved. Add 5 ml of 3.1 percent sodium hydroxide and just dis-

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