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The bacilli are indistinguishable in cultures and under

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case in the way of sensory disturbances disorders of digestion and the

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the pressure of weights carried on the head. Mr. Liebreich has

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in the bowels. Among the best are salol bismuth salicylate naphthol

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be less than six months a year is necessary in ordinary cases but

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lar deposit. The bony lesions are the first as to date and from

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the nerve cell fixes the ptomains leucomains albumins enzymes and

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ined in stained preparations the pale centers of the red cells

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and picks out something to which she thinks sin may attribute the accident.

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Soluble in cold or warm water and more readily peptonized

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than one person trying to master all the technologic

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without giving a sign of toxic effect or gastric disturbance. Indeed doses of

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When we come to the stomach however we encounter wide

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schedules there was a universal chorus of consenting opinion that

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What they dexterously call a widening of the principle of non restraint

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able to it and he cannot escape his responsibility.

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it exercises no curative effect. The entire failure of the preparations of

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which we bring before the Fellows of this Society this

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The Tcidneys are intensely congested and enlarged the capsule is adlier

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panying this more and more of the proteid is coagulated so

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as Erdheim points out suggests that the parathyroid hyperplasia in osteo

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patch up with more or less success but w hich can never

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ports following the exposure of exophthalmic goiter to

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early as possible after evacuations have been procured. In a less

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perfectly well. These patients were under treatment for

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diminished heat elimination. A similar rise of temperature

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and bismuth small doses of creosote and elixir pepsin regulate diet

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malnutrition and anaemia are very common in association with this

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much contracted tl e eye lids swelled and their external surface

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or perhaps rather in consequence of a variety of ointments and plas

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is justified by the fact that hardly an invention of import

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