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be stated that carcinoma of the spleen is always secondary ; it may be

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baleful influence one neurotic individual exerts over the unfortunates of

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in men, while the former are disposed to the irregular type of chronic

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think little is to be gained from their employment as compared with the

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tinctive symptoms are present, such as the shortness of breath, palpita-

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etiology. — Sex has a decided influence, not less than 80 per

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There is not infrequently an ammoniacal odor about a uremic patient.

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spare gouty subjects are met ^^-ith. and in such I have found a rather

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physical and mental strain. Every source of bronchial irritation should

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Sensory Symptoms. — Pain is usually the earliest symptom. It is,

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material than did the earlier ones. It would be the supreme

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of opium, may be given. Marked nervous phenomena with delirium

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associated, or may have been present and been practically obliterated

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marked hemorrhage into the pancreas are not known. Most cases have

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ralgic pains or edema of the lower extremities from pressure upon

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ease. In one of my own cases the condition suddenly arose in the course

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disease of the pulmonary artery (contrary to other forms of organic

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of the posterior part of the hard palate near the alveolar processes, and