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you ought to expect of humanity; hence it must be acknowledged

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the jtreaching of medical colleges as to their advanced

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originate in the cerebral hemispheres, but more frequently they arise from

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paths. The State Medical Society endorsed the action

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sual frequency of rice water discharges : whether, he remarked,

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grains. They contain oil of peppermint, podophyllin,

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with regard to this serpent poison. Prolapsus ani, urging and

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The difference in the results may be due to the fact that when

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menstrual epoch. Eighty per cent, of all epileptics are attacked oftener

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Virchow thus sums up the splenic changes : ''Hyperplasia of this lym-

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their best oi)portunities by making sncli men ineligible to

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tive enemata in ordinary doses. They operated a little, with very

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depression of the physiologic functions, or a fatal issue, until specific

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by faradization. The result also is somewhat different. The type

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The formula would be iruproved by substituting for ]

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Pains come and go, of the cramping kind. Heat, or getting the

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was connected with the City Dispensary. He attended the Alms-

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which are more or less fixed, such as the cells of the reticulum of lymph glands,

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found with about 84 per cent of sera. The highest concentration of

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malignant cholera 1 He did not view them as such, but simply as

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different in action from an X-ray dermatitis, and therefore the action

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Case 8. — Y. I., male, aged 36 years. Father died of stomach trouble at 59

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returns, there are two hundred and fifty adults, and two hundred and

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tion of the gall-bladder this factor probably is important in the

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in order to prevent the formation of free hydrogen cyanide and the

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motion by an hypothesis. Thus it is in philosophy as in medicine,

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disease after the symptoms of confirmed cholera had fairly set in,

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Ice or counter-irritation may be applied along the spine, and from the on-