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duced, is a serious thing. I have seen deaths from spontaneous
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due regard to the difference between the municipal systems existing
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Logan Turxer. — "Accessory Sinuses of the Xose," Edinburgh, 1901.
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central, superficial position, are pecoliarly exposed to
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containing them were streaked over the surface of agar plates.* The
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imparted to the articles used in the process of cleansing a green tinge, showing that particles
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of the law. The following tabulated statement gives the history of
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C. M. Page, in The Eecoed, is a case of double paro-
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The American Public Health Association is strictly a scientific
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Theodoric insisted that there were many dangers connected with the
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Occurs usually in clumps, also in pairs and short chains. May be found both
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and Bernutz. The pus sometimes penetrates even into the bronchial
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We may cause a medicine to be absorbed by the skin, or in-
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In the ordinary perfume spray-tubes the vacuum produced by
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trenches should be dug. These may be used as straddle trenches
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boiling distilled water, 2 gallons. Macerate for 2-4
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We now have Sour patient, who as I told you, was packed last
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packs, etc. In this way a fair percentage of these soldiers become fit
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treatment of symptoms, for a large majority of them do not conform
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the author, " owe their activity to their power of influencing
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Numerous instances might be given to show that within
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of non-tuberculous urine preserve their regular, rounded contour, and
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Boston, 20.0!) ; San Francisco, 19 41; New York, 19.28;
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treatment disclosed, and which, as far as he knows,
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17.1 per 1,000 of the population. During the fifty-two weeks
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tion, amenorrhea being very prominent. In occasional
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of the mental processes which led him to the truth. In
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The substance of the internal hemorrhoidal tumour is so vascular
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to make a paste. Flavour with salt, Cayenne, and mush-
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occurrence of delirium, and yet lack some of the classical s^^mp-
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thoughts to the students and thereby complete the teaching process.
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water which pass off with evaporation. That this is false is proved
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the skin a deep-purple color. Small vesicles may be seen on the surface of
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successful, even though an accident occurred, that of leaving
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state, or condition, of the water before filtration, i.e., one of three
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