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Diana, who was a little ill. He looked at the new preparation,
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page of this book. The story of the life of Dr. Marion Sims is a
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Dr. Sondern has held various important appointments from med-
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Among those that recover, one-fourth succumb to sequelae,
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specialty. He was appointed Clinical Professor of Orthopedic Sur-
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can find no objective cause. For these and similar disorders there are no
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grow more and more painful and difficult, and finally require crutches, or an
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of Daniel M. and Charlotte S. (Cox) Pope, of St, Paul, Minnesota.
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systolic murmur at the heart's apex. Uncertainty may be cast upon the diag-
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to study surgery in the great hospitals, and in 1883 became Pro-
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and general diagnosis in the Philadelphia Posl-Graduate
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menstrual pains approaching labor-pains in severity, and never
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bedside of a young man of about twenty years, whose condition
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This is the third edition of Dr. Small's little work. It has
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do the septicaemias of rabbits and mice to theirs" [p. 255].
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ing the functions of the different cerebral regions. " Because of his
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and, as we have lately seen in a German wounded man,
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and high school courses of study, preparatory to entering Johns Hop-