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5. It occurs most frequently in persons of strong constitutions.
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that it can obtain as much pure air as possible. It is therefore
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handed to them, and only the teacher who instinctively understood
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he had gone to Africa he would probably have had to read
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B. Lay the patient on the back on a bed, the floor, or the
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the hospital with the history of having strained himself while
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the admirable monograph upon the subject of pelvic per-
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this change does not occur within any reasonable length
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however, in 1889, made the same statement, but drew no conclusion
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dyspeptic. He has also been troubled with hemorrhoids,
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cell in the circuit. I had to experiment over a period
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have an external communication, comprehending wounds of all kinds,
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lar refiexes were markedly diminished and where the
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above organs, Iwaring partly the character of parenchymatous, paitlv
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brought distinctly into view by dissection of the sac, was tied on both sides of
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accompanied with insomnia and vertigo, the depressed
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reduced by using a lower temperature, or by covering cheese with a
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Belgium was $10.50, that from Holland $9.25, and that from the
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the centre of the city, and when the alterations were
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preserves the drug unaltered; it is well, however, to
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by fire on October 14, the work of the Institution has gone
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About a year ago, a vigorous and healthy young man con-
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the chances are in favor of ulcer rather than cancer. Age is to be con-
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with a streak of blood; by degrees the sense of warmth is
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influence of the disease. On the 7th of June she was attacked with
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toms arose from spasmodic constriction of the glottis and par-
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serum diagnosis of typhoid fever. Quart, il. J., Sheffield,
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of the hand and feet, especially those of the fingers, toes, and the
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the apparent direction of a downward movement on the part of the