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distributed. The \'ery Rev. Chairman then briefly addressed the

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confuse than to enlighten us. We have, then, the sanguine temperament,

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value of mental science in the cure of the sick and the


The blood and affected organs may contain various microbes, but


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recurrent order of events, and are marshalled under general rules which

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material and the blood circulate freely, and the animal may continue

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to be prepared for the emergency of another great war, and enable the

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of the great Omnibus Company of Paris, where clipping has been

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— (*)" Catechism of tlie Principles of Veterinary Surgery."

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bright-coloured at the base and white in the centre, looking exactly as

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with great reluctance ; the gait was slow and uncertain, movements

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inextricably with the other considerations. In the next, although sur-

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JWarche at Paris M. Brim obtained very good results by applying powdered ice to the thorax

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sanguinolent fluid. It was cleansed with carbolic solution and the

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before, in connexion with former cases. Cough and dyspnoea are men-

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evidently astride the posterior border of the small oblique muscle.

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The President, after making some remarks on recent points of

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During the following days suppuration was trifling. Both wounds

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resulting from inoculation and by the glandular inflammation.

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profession ; and the large influence which he wielded was of a directly

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this terrible affliction occasioned. My regular physicians prescribed for me about

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hard or soft in consistence and isolated or massed together in the

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cases eczema may produce marked thickening of the epidermis cover-

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The pathogeny of symptomatic eczema is dominated by some

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ment, he should feel it his duty to move its rejection on the third

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During a previous lecture I stated that spavin, like most other

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Correspondents not answered, are requested to look to the Notices to Corre-

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am persuaded that it has been rapidly spreading for some time. From these dis-

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were noticed at different points, especially on the neck and sides. The

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Elections of the Curators' Court to Professorships at Edinburgh.

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Earl De Grey expressed his readiness to adopt the suggestions of

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ance. A sense of duty has caused me to bear testimony to the above, that others

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