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varying in color and being less bright than scarlet
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In No. 3 district 363 deaths from zymotic diseases occurred. 127
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er's Clinic at Bern, Switzerland.— As an illustration of
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Associations ; Bergen, N. J. (annual — Hackensack), and
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four groups in accordance with the number of loops or lobes.
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its crispness and finer co-ordinations, begins to fail in his sleep. He soon
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Symptoms. — As a rule, nothing abnormal can be found in
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tiocs, and in their relitions with the exterior universe.
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to make up his judgment in particulars are mostlv omitted in
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vious winter, while running, she had fallen, striking her
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What may be the relation of microorganisms to it, I am
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renders the patient more comfortable. I shall not attempt to say
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Communicativeness prompts us to address strangers and to form
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the health and efficiency of all. Should society so resolve, a great
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intestine arise from its left side (cf. Figs. 4, 5, and 6).
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lowing characteristic symptoms : Spasms always commence
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was a purely unavoidable one, and Dr. Northrup's ex-
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stimulating the heart, is also a stimulant to the respiratory centres, and
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duced a peculiar affection of the kidneys, and rendered the urine albuminous as
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SALOFORM Powder, in 1 oz. vials, dose 10 grains 4 times daily (under physicians' prescriptions), per oz. S1.25.
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correct history as to the etiology and pathology of the disease was not
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The Relative Value of Homatropine as a Cycloplegic : a
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in connexion with Ehino-Laryngology, collected from the museums of
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surprised when it has been suggested to them that they had a duty to
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bid manifestations will be almost exclusively confined to the nervous