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those who began human anatomy under his guidance. That student
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caps?” This question is particularly crucial for children
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durch Schimmeipilze. Zeitschrift fUr Physiologische Chemie, Band 57, p.
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sclerosis, and the latter, in turn, cause? cardiac hypertrophy, particularly of
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violent retching and cough, with staring, prominent eyes, are the
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I have remarked in young sensitive females, whose blushes did
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nective tissue, and the dark-red color of the muscles. The blood is
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when not in the line. A commissioned officer accompanies each organi-
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liiiii uteri. 35 pp. 8°. G-iessen, C. V. Miinchoiv,
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end fatally in a few days may also occur in cattle. Recovery does
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inner malleolus lower and the foot in the jxisition of val-
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a pure culture of staphylococcus aureus. This abscess
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In fresh and clean (aseptic) wounds, the use of rubber drainage-
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received that the sum of £13,750 has been bequeathed
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favorably impressed with the idea that it might be made a useful reme-
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Moreover, in acute alcoholism the arterial tension is lowered.
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likewise make itself felt in preventing the develop-
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was denuded over its entire circumference adjacent to the os
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of excision of the knee-joint, performed at Kiel, required fourteen w r eeks ;
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unsui)stantial shades, one would also infer that there
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tion. On vertical sections it is seen that the posterior surface of the
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toxicity. The urine is always greatly diminished in
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the child could not tolerate them, and, though naturally patient, she screamed
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Surgeons should have the rank of full Surgeons. The adoption
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the general consensus of opinion on the operative attitude of
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sanguinary suffusion in the piamater-arachnoidean space
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as that below the ulcer of the right leg, were divided in the
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a month later rectal examination showed the left lobe of the
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perience in this domain know the great variations in ap-
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(St. G.) Critical remarks on the theories of ei)igenesis
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good and detect bad materials. Under each drug name
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Blondeau, while he was interne at the Hopital des Enfants, under M.