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have expressed doubts as to its curative action in confirmed epilepsy, and have

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same treatment as that by which they escaped a similar disease, or as they had known

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the manuscript. A synopsis-abstract of no more than 75 words should

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influence it may have on the development and spread of com-

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hernise. " I passed a straight blunt-pointed bistoury along the

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exhibit the precise point at which the disease-process terminates,

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patients were admitted ; seventy-six were discharged cured, and one hundred and

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that persons drinking Mecklenburg Calcium Chloride Water

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October 19, 1885. — ^John C , aged nineteen, single,

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damage has been done. Since elective surgery contains

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Bacteriology. General, Pathological, and Intestinal.

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more severe but they are also very frequently of extremely sudden onset ;

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No. 18. Lee (E.) The etfects of climate on tuberculous

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Frederick Kirkpatrick) , Dr. Stokes and Sir Dominic Corrigan,

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why contagion is so difficult, and why the ulcerative tubercular form

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stone in the bladder, which has previously been advocated

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plexion, however, sadly contrast with the wan appear-

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and his great-grandson Sinan ; and the family of Zahrun.

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nizing value of 1 to 1,000,000 body-weight. Of this serum one gramme

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practice left at all ; but the world is large, though doctors be

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trance to the Red Sea, it recommended should be en-

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Case '22. — February, 1908: Mrs. H., aged 28; retroversion and prolapse of ovaries since

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tom. Gingerly at first, but more and more comfortably, the

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9. Fife DF, Barancik JI, Chatterjee BF: Northeastern Ohio Trauma

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took place, although the operation of the supplementary causes

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(1671),* from whom originated the conception of a, contagium anima-

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atmospheric air is anything more than air combined with an

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leak. Hot bottles are not very safe, as they are apt to crack or burst.

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