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Wliile Ihe liilal ipijiiitily nl' the lilond in tli' Innly dues nut viiry irre;ill.\ ,

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"sciatica" are caused by arthritis of the spine, and also instances of obscure

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decide wliethei' chansics in C,, are nhiiu i'espolisil>l(> for tiie pfTccf. TIicm

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At the l.efriunin- of the experiment the thistle-shaped hull, and the

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are overcome, the rest are easily ascended; in handshaking, the grasp is

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the comparatively healthy eye is working. The changes in the retina of

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cases (particularly the spindle-cell variety) it may be several years.

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genital left genu valgum with flat foot. During the next ten years at least

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inspiration than on expiration, hut that this alone is not an adeipnit

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life and occupations involving exposure are apparently important factors.

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lii'ioiiies lati-x 1. ese.ipiiiii'ht will oeeur earlier than with pure vau'U-

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Guyon, Israel, Legueu, and some other physicians and surgeons believing


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right hand and paresis of the right foot. Recovery from this was rapid.

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celled forms are sometimes associated with bone formation (osteosarcoma),

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is usually a great eater, but careless; he swallows food without chewing and

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portant prophylactically than therapeutically; the early and proper treatment

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case the hypertrophied tissue was found to form the thick lining of a cyst.

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former frequently causing not only pyelitis and pyelonephritis, but also

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acid, and the difTercn<'c is explained on the s\ij)position that the water.v

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icin r 1 is underu'oinir diu'cstion in the stomach, liecause at its ditTereiit

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renal anastomosis, the bloodvesseb of the ureter (all these being examples

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a nioleciilar siilnlion « ill I Iitained. In the colluidal state, there a'

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cases the terminal paralysis becomes so marked as to render the patient

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been carried out by the British companies, although these have for years dealt

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"f llir animal liody. tlic icspiiatni y ai-t is prulialily tln' must impdrtant.

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the so-ealled vitamin.s must 1 onsidered. These are sulistances

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si, I,': liiit this paialy/e,| si,|e at ,.ii,-,' lieuiiis tn I'ontiaet aL'ain \ hen '

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For the hands a certain amount can be done by the use of light splints,

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be oedematous, infiltrated, or ulcerated, while it is very common to meet

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more easily explained by the increased nutrition in pregnancy. Hertoghe

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occui's in ll-ion i 'cntrationi fur'iiishes another reason why doubt

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but without bronze skin, had a tumor in the stomach region thd size of a

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depend naturally upon the situation of the enlarged glands. This may be