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Balance on hand. July 1, 1898, act of March 6, 1896 $ 29,487 22
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R. Decocti Granati Radicis, ^j. Omni semihora sumendus
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bladder and rectum, the ova being deposited in the tissues but wandering
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sustained a comminuted fracture of the rif'ht ulna, from a ^\i\-
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in the production of fine conidia or spore-like reproductive elements
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a tumor intervened between the aorta and chest -wall.
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the mechanism of immunization by pushing the vaccine. The
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cruciating pain about the fifth interspace to the right
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6 months Some patients may require more drug, up to
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since the first of the year. We have obtained 501(c)(3)
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reported before the onset of the outbreak. In Hyde Park all the (rases
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the boy upon whom he operated in the February of the pre-
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ing under dyspepsia, and in whom the derangement appears to be li-
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pneumonia. One patient declined any investigation of
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amount of experience. It is well known that Laveran made his dis-
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with the systems of Fitz-James and Alt-Scherbitz, Gheel, ac-
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hip (unless it is an impacted fracture) can be differentiated from a
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triumphs of armies, and the huge works of ponderous machinery pale
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minds of the laity and physicians as soon as it occurs. It is appropriate,
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The Preface of Dioscor ides' Materia Medica: Introduction, Translation, and Commentary
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♦Data on file, Hoffmann-La Roche Inc., Nutley, New Jersey.
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the cold weather in all parts of Western Europe which
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dation being by far the greater. All infectious cases
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gentlemen are sent out by the school to which they belong, and it is the
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riammation, from the neiiirhborinic inflamed tissues. If this
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tbat the survey of them is not attended with the above men-
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There are many points about these cases which seem strange
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It is doubtful if the statement that this event is an element of gravity be
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Be this as it may, each particular epidemic has a grade peculiar to it-
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pregnancy at full term, the veins in the broad liga-
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marked by special symptoms of importance. When it is lost, dyspnoea,
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146 epileptic or idiot children. Twelve cases occurred in two
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Amputation could only be resorted to several hours after the
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is carcinoma which is always malignant. From this statement it is not to be
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illuminated eye ; but should this not prove sufficient, the eye
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from a monthly into a weekly issue. At the present time it has a
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should never be the means of neglecting to explore the vessels when
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the sensation of hunger. It has also been termed hyperorexia, cynorexia,
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ing to Alder, bismuth subnitrate is so far the only drug
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of more than one hundred, show the year of printing. It is, there-
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Arthur T. C.\bot, of Boston, presented a communica-
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dren. Twenty grains of Powder of Ipecacuanha may be put in two or
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From the Arizona Cancer Center, Section of Hematology and Oncology, University of Arizona College of Medicine, and
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union between the organs is broken, and the pelvis is