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emanating from it was dissipated by a wash of Condy's fluid.
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pose of this speculation. They show that anaemia, if it occur, is a con-
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the intensity of the pain, however, increases in each succeeding attack. In
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M. Bonnafond has given directions for making a kind of stick of caustic charcoal, calculated
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in death from cholera and yellow fever. M. B,-S. cited an
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and evidence of synaptic reorganization. Hippocampal
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when we arrived. Such was the similarity of the cases, that a
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The wound is then powdered with bismuth, and a compressive
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other hand, the hyperalkalinity of their blood leads to sclerosis.
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sible to consult the original literature, no studies of the cases found were made
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of the ligaments being too small, a tied-in hock, (4)
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truth and honesty ; and that, if you decline the trouble and
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plest forms are roundish in shape ; others, oval in
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injection of 0.1 c. c. of these cultures caused the death of the rabbit in
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the plans of treatment to be followed, were described.
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the same cow throughout. A bull was kept on the farm,