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Case 4 (F., £et. 21).'* — Transfusion afforded temporary relief, and
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worked its way between the layers of the wall — tlie so-called dis-
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himgercure with the inunction-cure; and it may even do harm. At
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entrance of the epinephrin into the lumen of the vessels and thus per-
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Salerno is to be foimd in the fact that a department of the diseases
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five years of age, the deaths of children under five
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(grapho-spasmus). Whenever the act of writing is attempted, the flexor
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seen no benefit arise from the use of diuretics or pur-
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effect was either very slight or very transient, and for one or
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not to be wondered at that septic endocarditis frequently appears
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rise to painless hpematuria. It will strengthen the presumption
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it was perilous to the surgeon to employ it, even if he
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showing the distribution of the cutaneous nerves to the head and
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was simply not genuine —that, in fact, the plate was partlv inven-
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marker, a second rapid screen examination to show that mark-
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ored, gelatinous fluid, which was too thick and stringy to pass through
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The tumour consists of a dark red lobulated mass, deeply engorged
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responsible for the excessive gas production, although not the cause of the disease.
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committed to addressing those needs. This year we’re intro-
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together." On examination per vaginam, a tumour is found
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to the open air, especially in changeable weather. Liater the catarrhal process
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Sir Jonathan Hutchinson's book is that his knowledge
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1932. Meade, Richard H., Jr., 750 San Jose Dr., Grand Rapids, Mich.
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causes disease is not known. Dr. Cordier experimented on himself
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toms for iron I should take anemia as one of them, the form
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rurgie, 1888, p. 718, and Wiener klin. Wochenschrift, 1889, Nos. 23-
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together a mixture of anilin and acetic acid. It is without
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])ass through the Berkefeld bougie at vacuum pressure, either at
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must ajiply to the Surgeon-General U. S. Army, for an
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With five hundred and thirty-seven Illustrations. Philadelphia : Lindsay & Blak-
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crepitates on the back, over the kidneys, and sides; the coat
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GuNNixG S. Bedford, M. D., Prof, of Midwifery and the Diseases of Women and
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operation. The wound healed in 5 weeks, gentle movements
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ty which I conceive begins first in the veins." p. 125.
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1991 and ’93, as compared to Dr. T.V. Rajan’s visit in the
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to be recognised by touch (Lepine, 29). Dr. Bastian (.3) points out that
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tender scar, through the thin, middle ])ortion of which