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typhoid fever, and all three showed a fall of temperature, which at the time of death

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also often recorded that notwithstanding similarity of diet the disease has prevailed

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of Rabelais, seldom notice, or rarely remember that his

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16. On Lateral Curvature of the Spine : its Pathology and Treatment.

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The mot of the Parisian," that England was a country where

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gastrojejunostomy, the operation that had been decided upon

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disappear from the blood stream within 3 to 5 minutes and yet will

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fast have the thirty years of your life vanished ? whence are

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Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Part II, June

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Case 5. Laparotomy for Intussusception. Three weeks ago I was

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such stricture may require dilatation. In one of the

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the stimulus to a hemispherical nerve-cell is not in sufficient force

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(J. A.) Antisepsis. (Norris & Oliver), Pliila.,

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About this time Breschet referred to a case which had occurred

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l Prom September 22d to October 2d. Has been taking

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other astringents. Where the indication is not pressing they

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Then the diameters of the thorax are increased. This posi-

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Symphysiotomy will also be of service in covering up

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intestinal obstruction, accompanied by excessive vomiting and

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that the puncture should be made, and not more than

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lodgment behind the head, ear, chin, arm or hand as the presenting part

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and even life, to the treatment of the squalid poor.

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cure of trifling irregularities of the digestion in

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Hence will appear the difficulty of giving a strictly correct and

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the views and advocate the policy of the organization which

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become relaxed, so that the capillaries which are imbedded in the relaxed

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ticular service in the case of hearty eaters, tympanum, if possible, by an aural surgeon.

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there is no better way of treating the appendiceal stump. Should

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Payment of the federal unemployment insurance tax should be made by January 31.

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frequent complications is the spreading of the infectious catarrh

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