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be used, and marked Poison. This will often prevent

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ture, rapid pulse, and (though not at first) much prostration, one may

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i. Tuberculosis is an infectious and communicable disease

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C ires and its Sorrows, with u," unshaken rectitude, until at length, having

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door exercise. I may say, in passing, that all kinds of

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Up to that time patient was quite well ; but eight nights

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Gallipoli patients were evacuated in the spring of 1916. (2) The Salonika

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College of Pharmacy, we have tried to portray our school in all its different

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that more papers of this character should appear before the

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better say, that it continues after impotency has taken place. A

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pamphlet — "The Feeding of Infants in Diarrhea" — a copy

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obtained, it will be necessary to insist upon the pro\dsions of the Act

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Sec. 9. — Patients should always, when practicable, send for their physician

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indefinable something, which may be termed neurosis, cured as

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Ch. marchand's Peroxide of Hydrogen (ITILedicinaJ) is sold only in 4-oz.,

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to be much puzzled, and it is these latter that look upon den-

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10. Lusk, G. : Clinical Calorimetry, Paper 8. On the Diabetic Respiratory

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7 to 9. M. D. (Jeff.) 1883. Mem. Wor. Soc. Med. Lives.; Wor.

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ally result from a depression carried beyond physiological limits

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drink. He has kept in touch with a number of these, and has been

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.intly, sometimes shrieked, started up on his seat, looked about

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area of infarction and the acutely thrombosed vessel respon-

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. neither too greatly nor too slightly convex, a perfect image of any

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less than there is in putting the patient on a stretcher. As soon as the patient

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Tuberculosis and Its operative treatment. Roswell Park Med.

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for disability contracted in the line of duty has my entire

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solutions used for making the stain are as follows :

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the efforts of physicians, have been applied to counteract the com-

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the temperature easily runs up ; and, unless the general state of the

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Comparative Science, whose function should not redound simply

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return of matter. This case fully demonstrates the necessity of

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they also observed this condition of the kidney in two cases

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