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searches; and this proportion of ulcerations in the lower part of
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Art. XIX. — Account of some Particulars in the Anatomy of
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enjoined if the concretions consist of the oxalate of lime.
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The pathological importance of waxy liver and its clinical history are to
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locomotor ataxia. Acts of volition give rise to the irregular movements ;
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Bernard in 1851, and its effects studied more fully than by previous ob-
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of separation, and have no parts of the limb, that are naturally
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times b3" rapid asthenia or s3"ncope. This mode of d34ng is exemplified
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from bronchitis is ai)t to be more prominent than in typhoid fever.
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The appearance of this book is another proof of the
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the heat falling to the normal standard. The patient obtains refreshing
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These characteristic features belong alike to the clinical history of certain
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In the treatment of seminal emissions, the distinction which has been
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nerve tracts of the posterior commissure. The cells usually are
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of the face, called by llomberg mimic or histrionic, may be either clonic
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rious influence on the whole economy. In cases of chronic alcoholism,
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with the importance of obtaining knowledge of the natural history of the
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College of Cleveland, Ohio.^ In this paper Prof. Salisbury claims to have
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en vista de otra suposici6n discordante que considera que los
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gradual.'^ If the disease be uncomplicated, and there be no untoward
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tively rare. It is comparatively rare in Scotland, Russia, Poland, Den-
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ces a sense of constriction at the fauces, and the impression of a
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nium anterior to that process and separates into a radix longa
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rally, but not invariably, the chill is followed by imperfectly marked