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Bronchial catarrh is with great difficulty discriminated from beginning

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The application of cold water became one of the methods in the

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ment than in tonsillitis. The child is sluggish, looks heavy-eyed, languid,

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while many cases of neurasthenia may be effectively treated without

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Orange- juice from fresh oranges is best because it takes up

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primary tuberculous infection. The ratio based upon sex is as 3 to 2 in

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rational basis. This heroic measure has for centuries been advocated

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apparent increased ease of digestibility of the toast over the bread from

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erful agency, since the disease is much more prevalent in warm than in

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which he expanded as he grew in years and practice. No

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from the sputum. They are never present in any other disease. Pfeiffer

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The intestinal symptoms are but little less important than the gastric.

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the name of Diabetin, is probably the best sugar for the dia-

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cases. The best treatment is by irrigations of urethra and

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During the past few years quite a change has been wrought in the

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length of time; that the activity of this should be markedly increased

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Hickman, Cadwalader, Cheston, and others equally well

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body ; and in such instances (as the direct eflFect of the original number

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affection : these symptoms should also excite suspicion in the absence

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cated, as also in passive congestions of the brain, lungs, and liver, in