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with an introduction and a biography, was published at Paris in 1893.


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has absolutely no effect on acute gonorrheal infections, whether they exist

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been rapidly impregnated. At the commencement of the treatment, he

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Lorenz' operation was performed in November, 1911, after

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next, occurring in 46 per cent of cases. " Strained feelings." dip-

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In pondering this wide discrepancy of performance, con-

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such people, the heart has become enfeebled and dilatation is present.

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Fig. 2. Small bands of hyperostosis tend to unite in the

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Case i. — Compound Fracture of Tibia and Fibula^ (Dr.

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the breast and consequently only received " fore-milk,"

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adjustments, the breathing would go on as rapidly as

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happiest result. All scars were perfectly supple six

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memorial of the Directors of the Retreat for the Insane, to the Gen-

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symptomatic despite adequate doses of these agents.

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year. However, isolated cases are also met with in infancy and

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Case, Daniel C, M. D., History of the Class of 1870 (Alumni Asso-

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attacks are expected, in the same way as light balls and parachute

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establishment of immunity, is often distinctly unfavorable and is attended

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^^Tpart, as sometiM^s it is, lest thereby the after-burden be pul-

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work of a laboratory, an X-ray and dental department makes it ap-

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are not tubercular, but inflammatory, and are therefore not due

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lished Use of any drug in pregnancy or women of childbearing potential requires that the

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Perinephric Abscess Consecutive to Iliac Abscess, Typhilitis, and

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apples of the following varieties matured: Wealthy Yel-

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to its normal standard, the tympanites subsided, the tender-

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