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is produced by a carious tooth, in others by disease of tiie maxilla ly bones, and I

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more than an ounce of serum in the cells of the adhesion. On the left

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gastro-intestinal symptoms which often usher in an attack; further-

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increases the critical point is reached when the subcostal angle

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are eight or ten ditt'erent modes of ascertaining whether an infant was

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nodes or masses, — the tuberiform; in layers, the stratiform^ or in

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and Dr. Gov^crneur Emerson found that the greatest number of conceptions in

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the Atlantic, and Council Bluffs, Fort Armstrong, and West Point in the

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constriction, and consequent fecal stasis of a high degree. With

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their nature, symptoms, and the mode of facilitating their passage along

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JN the last number of this journal we offered some remarks on the

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was present. Urobilin was found in the bile escaping from the

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and their protean character have usually been regarded as cases

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cuated, and on pushing the point of the catheter in different directions, M.

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admission was running a high, irregular fever, which persisted for some two

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and the other part made rough is mtended to be grasped by the forceps of

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a vegetable diet, and that in some circumstances he has detected the same prin-

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only, but to that of many others. We cannot, therefore, avoid regarding the

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was originally probably almost the whole of the upper lobe is now

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Apart from the symptoms, the chief factors of the morbid

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to year. At Fort Crawford, Wisconsin, Lat. 43° 03', for example, there were

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sulphate given intravenously the average length of life was five,

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sufficient in itself to prove the existence of extensive disease in most cases.

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Koll, and one of my own. It would thus appear that of the total

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some streaks of it mixed with the mucus of the expectoration.

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cough became loss severe and she improved slowly but was obliged to