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pox and scarlet fever can be conveyed by clothing or other articles ? Aitken, Flint,
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This Asylum, for ti ivate Patients only, has been modernized and enlarged
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An excellent temporary remedy for sweating armpits- — sometimes a
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The bladder disturbance was entirely relieved. A year later the
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air for mechanical cleansing, and be exposed to sunlight when the prevailing
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pox, and diarrhoea bL-ing the predominant diseases. Mr. Rigden, the
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and spasm which they are liable to excite. A more satisfactory method is the
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much as callosity of the skin will develop under the
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rately stimulant. During convalescence, much stress must be laid on
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pelled to pass that time in bed in a dark room, suffering
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of sweat-baths are not due to the removal of nitrogen through the skin, but
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resonant than that yielded by the opposite side ; possibly it may be so,
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over with less examination. To do justice to Dr. Shute, we
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ination before receiving certificates. This would have a tendency to' prevent all
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On the other hand, defective or imperfect coagulation of the
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ing to its population, 1037, and the twenty-third the lowest, 329. The
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took the view that the Egyptian writings of this period
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The ills and dangers threatening that part of our nation living in the
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indicated as a supplement to liquid and semiliquid diets.
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were called specifics, as hydrotherapy for rheumatism
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reported by Hodge {American Journal of the Medical Sciences,
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In the Croonian lecture, read in 1809 before the Royal Society, Dr. Wollaston
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Epithelial Change produced by Irritation. By D'Arcy
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as to say positively in every case that I could tell exactly the conditions
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building fund of the Swedish Hospital of Brooklyn. The
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drain by the cholera discharges to be taken into considera-
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the larynx and accompanying pulmonary phthisis differ in
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fact, moreover, that in obstruction of the common duct,
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regulations made in |)ursiianee thereof, has been posted up
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of the bowel were filled, and leads to the frequent desire to defecate, with
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trunks, esj^ecially of the ascending vena cava, which may be twisted