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Park especially des^igned for the treatment of cases of mental disease.

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tues, cannot be doubted ; and notwithstanding its " modus operandi " is

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will see all the luxurious paraphernalia of elegant Brussels

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at a quarter past one o'clock, after being shot whilst on duty. The

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and at the same time possessing a very high nutritive value, owing to

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apparently from failure of a basis of support. This is shown if the hand

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1902 with its appalling fatality. Through "the prompt and vigorous

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tice. By Alfred S. Taylor, M.D., F.R.C.P.. F.R.S. Fifth Edition, by

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and systematically followed out. The method of feeding

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reaction, and on the evidence of the twisted veins in the

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cess, particularly after exercise. Generally they go on

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opinion as to the anatomical significance of tubercle.

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trouble of speaking ; ice applied in bladders again along the spine

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as demonstrated by the experiments made on the nerve of the submaxillary

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pauses. Sometimes they meet and rub each other, as do the feet of

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ent in the urine. This sulphide of bismuth cannot be distinguished by

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ously released, vasoactive agent which controls coronary

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affection of the eyes, applied to a student for a magical

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dition often seen in especially grave typhoid fever, indicated by

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condition of lowered vitality, together with a cessation

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THE NEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL, Septembei; 21, 180 5,

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The deaths registered represent an annual rate of mortality

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congestion and hypersecretion associated with the common cold and

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fice it for the present to say, that in my belief when-

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(ah), not up to a horizontal line ; with the other vowels, he found it

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strong drink. Others may be supplied from a set of vessels

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sent the blood going to a part, unless, like the liver, it receives blood from the

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1875, served in Alaska and the West, was attending surgeon at

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recorded In Allen's American Biographical Dictionary, the

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was now enlarged to correspond with that in the skin; and the sac being now