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make it out in small cakes, bake them on tins in a very moder-

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There is another objection which I have, and that is that seeking for

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Speech decidedly thick, cheeks pulled out a little, eye-

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ought in fairness to be said that the text-book explanation of

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be examined; and the presence or absence of a history of head injury

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to close, or heal with a thin, weak, and stretchable cicatrix, which readily

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tomycin is considered the drug of choice for tularemia,

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and diminishing in calibre their minute ducts, and thus de-

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T3tf S r - scopolamine; ninth dose £ gr. morphia and ^^ gr. scopol-

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coffee ; tea seems rather to affect the brain and the stomach. Many obscure

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entirely unnecessary : indeed, an unpardonable waste of time.

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of medicine and metaphysics we entirely adopt Dr. Brown's views ; the former, alone,

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turn of events, and then to arrange to operate when too late,

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fore, on taking leave, to insist upon the necessity of their using

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comparison with the treatment of the other divisions of the book,

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I of the bone i>resent, it is the opinion of Scriber that

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body can be obtained by the use of the author's chromatic analyser — a

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conclusions as regards paraxanthin, and did suggest

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killed the inoculated mice before the mouse septicemia bacilli had time

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had a white blood cell count of 10,200^ red blood-cells 4,300,000

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course, from the accident of an abundant hemorrhage — is always

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meningitis may be vertical or tuberculous, but it is less likely to be

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house all day, and only under cover of night did he

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Infantile Hemiplegia and Spastic Paralysis. — Deformities of a most

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phied. In some cases the solitary foUicles are enlarged and pigmented.

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friends met at the impressive biu'ial service, and left with a parting

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with the effect if not the design of avoiding future importunities, have

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mention that my sister was a heavy eater while pregnant, and to that

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hyperesthesia of the skin, muscular twitchings, convulsive

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having had a very much more satisfactory diet than that of the

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treated by the same methods, so that the individual observer is very apt to

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the fact that scarcely any one, who has written upon this affec-

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Dakin treatment. The last two chapters concern the closure of wounds and

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that he was able to diagnose several cases by cover-glass prep-

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the "show” rate between patients with and without telephones (intervention group 52% versus 57%,

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intolerable torture, but because of some inherent tendency or a

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forwards, inward, and downward. The posterior opening