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EpUeptoid attacks, occurring in persons who have never had epileptic

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President, M. T. Frizzed, Ayden, Univ. of Md., 1907 1907 1909

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the afternoon and following night, amounting to eight in all, and was brought

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it cures the disease when once established. Nevertheless it is the

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occur which are as mild as the mildest sporadic cases, and, on the other

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As we traveled the nearly four hundred miles back to Florence through Creola,

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Scilla, F. 188, 232,'280, 243, 247, 253, 255, 202, 203, 2(17, 271,

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cases that recover the fever may reach the high point

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principally composed of disintegrated nerve-tubes, presenting various forms witli

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wet than dry, has not, so far as I know, been extended to the

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be done ? The circulation must have the relief it seeks some-

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In a case in which I removed a large dermoid from the right

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choice admits of modifications, an account of which

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Islands, the disease was spread through food to a larger extent than by

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the stomach with little or no effect. The same gentleman states,

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fat dyes, such as Sudan, scarlet R, and alkanin. The occurrence

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jiroportioned to the acuteness of the i'mpression. This falsely hyperassthetic

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well done, mash and sift them tln-ough a coarse wire sieve,

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1626 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103.

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ments in which a child entered a room, was stripped there,

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the case that the tempei-ature frequently varied from minute

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was not aimed at, but undiluted gastric contents were used. In cases

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method, which, having only one pole active (simple or divided), can,

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noticed resulting from its use was reduction of fever in those cases

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hours. At times the dejections were solid, and about

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Hip, old standing dislocation of, 44; Mr. J. S. Gamgee

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medical man passing a provincial boundary in the pursuit of his

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aid in certain diagnoses and promises to render the surgeon espe-

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disease. One who never examines a chest, unless he suspects disease there,

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x-ray film showed no new localized infiltrate. He was afe-

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be done ? The circulation must have the relief it seeks some-

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eases closely resembling the cases of Hebra, which had been

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any si-holar who has recently suft'ered from sraall-pox, or who

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scanty secretion of bloody urine, and death within 12 or 15

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lasioning pain -this because of the presence of the >,iher blade

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others a small or large incision, others the removal

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identical. He based this opinion on the fact that chemical operations which