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population. The disease also occurs in Spain, Corfu, Asia Minor,
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taken. When Torti spoke of the quartan becoming pernicious, he meant that it
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other activity of the soul. They are so happy that they
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wound, and exceptionally, articular rheumatism may result.
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locally, nearly always overcomes these distressing-
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between the third and 17th days. A marked decrease was
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but human beings, in the form of mortification of the extremities.
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for the result of the treatment carried on by the consulting physician.
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second relapse ensues, and this may, in rare cases, be in turn followed by
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The extent of the left limit of the cardiac dullness from mid-sternum was
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geological lectures for Professor Sedgwick, and was made
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Med. Chir. Trans., vols. xvii. and xviii.) Tltis is not the
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four fifths disappear in the body. The latter may be built up into nuclein,
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no longer is draining or drainage can be easily contained
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case of cystitis which disappeared duiing the healing
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enthusiasts as "the iodoform of the future," having obtained
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rence of blackw;iter fever in Assam. Brit. M. J.. Lond.,
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Principles and Practice of Surgery, Bellevue Hospital Medical College, etc. Assisted
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(2) Its application can be prolonged without causing
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water, and incorporated by trituration with an ounce of hog's-lard or simple
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incision runs along the third and fifth for 10 cm. At that distance the ribs
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to this body and then elect new councilors for those districts after-
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In accepting the gift of these interesting Harvey memorials the College voted
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phorus or chloroform. Although he mentions definite necrosis in
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Migration of Purulent Matter. — Dr. Buck, after the pre-
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although, when examined microscopically, it is more frequently found that
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entirety at the conclusion of this summary. The report was
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is a very old method, having been used by Larrey in
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" It not unfrequeutly happens that persons confined in our county jails for
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from true pemphigus cases belonging to (i.) bullous syphilide, sometimes
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Unquestionably there are far too many drugs and our pharmacopoea is
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there should be enough in the article administered to cause death. 1 any
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4 Operative Treatment of Injury of the Peripheral Nerves.
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Premises of Argument. ' First Fact. — The amount of
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mind with never ceasing gratitude, that we live in the State of
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2 per cent, solution of formalin in glycerin through the same
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that in the great majority of cases there was an hypertrophy
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Annual Announcement of the Medical Department of Niag-
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dren as healthy as possible, and if the small-pox happen along, let it
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immune. Instances have also come under his observa-
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Postmortem Diagnosis. — Chronic internal hemorrhagic pachymeningitb, with hem-