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free washing of the abdominal walls before, or of flushing

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[that the handkerchief was tied on the neck in two knots, and the deceased could

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middle cerebral arteries ; and that it supplies not only the eyeball itself,

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Dr. John J. O'Reilly, of this city, died in his thirty-eighth

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discharged with violence, and in no proportion to the degree of general

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decided that further evaluation is warranted, a temporary

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Drinks have some few properties in common. They allay

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healthy joint possesses, perfect power of flexion, extension, prona-

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The substitution of gentle rectal for vaginal examination is the great-

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The occasion was, in fact, the presentation to The City Club of Denver a Govern-

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last boy whom I have shown to you, and whose guardian

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Deaths from certain causes among 10,000 from all causes: — *

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our utter inability to imagine. So far as the London Boards of Health

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quence of unusual bodily exertion and mental anxiety, was suddenly

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•'There is one extenuating point as regards this very damaging

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The mother and child were both alive three years afterwards. Journal

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the capillary dynamometer, which is simply an inverted spring

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blood-serum of healthy individuals, as well as that of

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miles long. Through this valley, from south to north,

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the means of performing osteotomy. There were objections to

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perature of 56° C. (132.8° F.). Ten to 20 mils (2.7 to 5.4 f3),

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ance of the difeafe in the city, whereby the fyftem