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ing new in the way of argument. He follows so closely, indeed,
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VI. Chronic Hereditary Chorea. Electrical Chorea. Paramyoclonus (Myo-
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course of chlorosis. Many cases which seem severe at first terminate in com-
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the average duration of acute articular rheumatism is not very
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As president of the State Commission in Lunacy, Dr. MacDonald
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taught electro-therapieutics the majority of her pupils have
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The publishers have sent forth the book in a form worthy of
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1854-55, and at the Buffalo Medical College, 1858-83. Dr. Moore was
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entered the Confederate army with a company of cavalry
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Mr. C, aged seventy, came to me on the 14th of April, 1883,
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by the reading of his very interesting paper entitled " Notes on
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spondence between centres and muscular groups must be estab-
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in seeming support of the awful possibility just alluded to, his
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iSSo. He is at present Physician to St. Maty's Hospital,
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" One of my neighbors, a young man, a graduate of Harvard
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when it affects the gray matter of the brain ? Wherein does
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We know that alum, when locally applied, produces such
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import, as the beginning of an end in which cherished
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the capsule forward on the eye, and thus advance its attach-
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On October sz, 1879, he was united in marriage to Miss
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his practice is chiefly devoted to gynecological and abdom-
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school, with such an article, for instance, as that reprinted in the
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the moral which he would add was, that the art of advertising a
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settled on the old homestead, which was later owned by Dr. Parker.
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Dr. A. Proctor Sherwin, jun., has located at Suffield, Conn.
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been in the avenues now open to women. She served the
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Frank H., the former First Lieutenant in the Ambulance Corps now
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tion to bring the point forwards and out by mere rotation of the
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tions. While Mrs. L. had few symptoms as compared with the
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destroy, the pinna ; gouge out and penetrate into the bony
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sacred code bring down swift vengeance upon their violators,
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may be called the femoral spur is separated. This spttv is