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same symptoms as did a number of other cases of locomotor- ataxia

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there is a change in colour, the hay darkens, and if carried

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ciate the value and importance of using methods and agents that bring results.

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fever patients to bed, to which practice I will venture to take some

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ulcers were ^ in. in diameter and \ in. in depth. ^ Hutchinson observes

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tomed on, and the tumour slowly cut throngh. This was

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cart showed a specimen of multiple gastric ulcers. Dr. Gibson showed

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and the tongue is covered with a thick dry fur. Severe headache

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dye-tub, until blue enough is obtained to make the green as

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contiguous areas, and the risks of induced hemorrhage or

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of the malignancy of the case, especially if we can exclude torsion of

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sometimes succeeds, and whi-n it does, re-inoculation is also successful.

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lar to that possessed by all animals which possess a

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with condition that he ahall receive no final paymenta until he baa

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small waist is too small for the general size of the figure to which it

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lingual involvement, the prognosis is not good. Carcinoma about the

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an inch in diameter. There can hardly be an estimate formed of

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It must be remembered that he was but imperfectly known

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unearthly than that of the physician, who in the midnight of a plague-

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the obstruction, and trying to move it up, if posisible ; but

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illustrates the man. He happened in that year to be

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Always in good condition; never showed clinical evi-

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1898 g. — Beitn'ige zur Helminthenfauna der Berberei. Vorlaufige Mittheilung

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during which time there were attended with my medi-

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they had never been able to demonstrate the presence of Eberth's

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and special foods for the patients were collected from

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a greater liability to ordinary colds than other persons. Indeed, they often

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had occurred. The patient died shortly afterwards quite

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Our patients rested in bed for but one to two hours before the test

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Lister who is, I venture to think, perhaps the greatest man that

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gyrus give rise occasionally to optical illusions or flashes of light followed

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turn the characteristics of the different groups. For

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