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and Surgical Director of Presbyterian Hospital of New York City.
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" clinical evidence " consisting in the fact of recovery from dis-
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given with a certain degree of reserve. It is true that ordinary chlorosis
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ments, which, as their owners often remark with plaintive pride,
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York City, and continued his studies, subsequently going abroad, and
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the Massachusetts Eclectic Medical Society, or which does not
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ters which would prove poisonous to the patient if allowed to
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of that disease, and without recognizing a strongly marked
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treated ? It is not my intention to discuss methods of treat-
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the moment of the traumatism. Pain, revealed by pressure
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Lawrence, they the parents of ten sons and daughters.
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have been found useful as deodorizers or as antiseptics are entirely
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where there is pain in various muscles all over the body, but where there is no
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Heart. — Normal ; tissue soft and flabby ; on opening left
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bivalve speculum was then introduced, and the os with some