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to secure relief. But sinapisms, hot applications, stimulants, and a

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previous intervals of relief had never been so complete. But the day after the

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cent, and in the other 0.72 per cent. The average of the ten analyses

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There may be no symptoms at all, and but for the knowledge of

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* Vide Article "Filarial Diseases" by that author in Davidson's " Diseases of "Warm

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of the thighs, next the calves, and afterward the groins ; each rub-

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and H. M. Evans (Footnote 15) calls attention to the fact that a classification

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may be applied without sound to the wall of the ventricle and the blood

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and infrequent while before the injections they were an occurrence of almost

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the sino-auricular node and the auriculoventricular node are the occur-

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On October 31, November 21 and December 12, respectively, three intraspinal

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two of the three cases in which cultural work was carried out. In one

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it is propagated toward the ensiform cartilage. Bucquoy and Hanot

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verse portion of the arch of the aorta or of the innominate artery.

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some cases associated either with degeneration of the muscle of the

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morose, quarrelsome, and untruthful. Sleep is often disturbed and

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A case of chylous ascites recorded by Whitla (British Medical Jour-

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tenth to fiftieth, with average 49, and Creuse from sixth to fifty-first,

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due either to multiple thromboses — as, for example, among the uter-

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with the extent of the obstruction and the establishment or not of

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discussion were recognized is quite illustrative of the difficulty in diag-

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Table 5, show a more definite increase in the percentage of globulin

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siderable retardation of the pulse during the process of the rest cure

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hyaline formation and with it, in some portions, a coarse fibroid and

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lagra in Spartanburg County, S. C, Including Geographical Distribution of the

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and only an occasional epithelial cell. The phenolsulphonephthalein excretion on

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Somewhat similar changes occur in the kidney. The whole organ

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