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of extension and counter-extension will secure apposition. Here, by

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the connecting vein and artery, but the vein dilates and forms a tume-

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which may immediately follow the decline of the redness or may be delayed

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no way characteristic. Early in the disease the fibrin and white cells are

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reduction of these relieve the impinged nerves and will give instant re-

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Hie Stage of Sweating. — This stage is usually ushered in by rigors;

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will be required to absorb the flow. The fluid is clear and somewhat

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Poupart's ligf ment to form the floor of the inguinal canal.

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tious disease the heart will often be found implicated.

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Changes In. — The changes which these tissues very often undergo

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— Perinephritic Abscess. — Floating Kidney. — Hematuria. — Chyluria.-—

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(e) Wardrop's operation. This consists in ligating the main branch

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cases the fluid disappears rapidly within a week or ten days.

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Tuberculous pericarditis is attended by the development of tubercles in

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mences with a chill, distinct and severe. In a few instances a series of

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two diseases do not, as a rule, prevail in the same locality at the same time.

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same as these which occur in acute, except they are less rapid.

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beat, but in hypertrophy it is distinct and forcible, in dilatation it is feeble,

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Dislocation of the Ulna from the Radius, either forward or backward,

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less, and there is usually a slight rise in temperature. Vomiting and diar-

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there is not good drainage and there is much absorption of pus, the

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not that of complete coma, for the patient can be easily aroused ; but he

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finally lodge in some branch of the pulmonary artery.

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diphtheria will be developed. Trousseau claims that the infectious ele-

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gastritis, or lead to intestinal perforation and a fatal peritonitis. It is

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the physical signs indicate the existence of fluid in the pleural cavity in

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titation are marked, moderate opium narcosis may be beneficial.

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with the attendant symptoms, in most instances, one is able to very early

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patient should not be made aware of the presence of such hypertrophy, for

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more or less difficulty in deglutition, or inability to articulate distinctly.

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and the edges of the ulcer united, and the effused contents of the stom-

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globules iiri- iniicli less pioiuiiicnt. Suinc (lisintegrutidii of tlic lui'inogjoljin

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the vessel wall, whereby it becomes roughened or thickened or a portion

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which must be kept in mind. The pulsation of the tumor is arrested

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mittent fever. For example, to-day a patient has a regular intermittent

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