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Embryos are not infected through the placenta (guinea-pigs),

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This power of antidiphtheric serum to destroy the membrane is

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diathesis. In that case, the simple saline waters or the weakest of the

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however, Dr Duncan judiciously observes that the dangerous period

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Poor-Law Commissioners, crime often proceeds from father to son

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cytes of the undiluted fresh exudate are very actively phagocytic ;

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most of them to insure products of relatively high purity. We

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point at which their therapy ceases to be purely symptomatic ; up to this

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Cold and Tepid Baths. — Equally as important as any of these drugs,

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term will be confined to true primary ansemia, the cause of which at

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to which NaCl containing ether was added. This control serum is designated as