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thenia are often cured by the rest-treatment ; those in Avhom anemia is
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there may be more than a thousand minute abscesses widely scattered
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symptom of some retinal affection — e. g. hyperesthesia or albinism, or
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varieties of spinal meningitis, and equally so to decide whether the case
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Treatment. — Very little can be done to arrest the process in acute
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woman, are quite distinctive. A knee-elbow posture is sometimes more
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genital defect of the blood-vessel system or hematopoietic organs.
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as are those of Metchnikoff in pointing out the anatomical and bacteriolo-
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though thinner-shelled and with a sort of lid at one end. They develop
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through which a reflected light is thrown upon the distended bladder-
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citis should at once request the services of a competent surgeon. Few
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orifice. The cusps of the diseased aortic valves sometimes adhere to the
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below the costal margin in the mammary line. The liver, if projecting
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stant, but is worst just before micturition, by which it may be alleviated.
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follow more or less amelioration of the symptoms, but the tendency is
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Less commonly it may follow a simple fracture, and rarely it is said to
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In chemistry it is hoped that Allan Winter Rowe, Sc.B., M.D.,
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Special Motor Symptoms. — If the tumor is situated in the lower
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be valuable to those not familiar with the Paris method. It is exactly
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Definition. — A persistent excess of calcium oxalate in the urine.
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free acid in the latter being usually increased. ' More important than
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The jjrognosis is unfavorable, and the treatment does not differ from
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intestinal tract Ave are likely to forget that Ave are called upon to treat
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recurrino; hemorrhages of the lungs took place instead of the regular
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The prognosis and treatment are embraced in those of the disease
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hypodermically, have been recommended recently as important in
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dense sediment forms in the bottom of the flask, composed of all
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Trachea, or Bronchi. — Rarely ulcers in adjacent structures erode the
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ated with a decidedly constipated habit — a fact that may, in part, ex-
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Pathology. — Hysteria is to be regarded as essentially a morbid
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liar to suppuration Avould all point strongly to purulent effusion, and should
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delicate. A few drops of urine and nitric acid are allowed to run
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be rough on the surface from " distended lacunae or ruptured follicles "
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the body. For this purpose cycling, horseback-riding, rowing, and walk-
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has now been demonstrated that gonococcus vaccine, as now produced,
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with thin and watery stools containing free fat. Instances may be re-
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with or without uratic deposits in and around the joints.