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recovery the growths undergo spontaneous atrophy and retrogression.
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namely that the abnormalities of nervous function are due to spasm and
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This division between the moving body and the actuating " self " may
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He finds support for this supposition in the fact that micropsia, or macropsia,
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Feb. 7, 1874.- — 15. Willan's account of Purpura urticans. — 16. Willis's " U.
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convulsions — occurring immediately after an injection of serum, and
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The disease is .endemic, and prompt removal from the infected districts
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dissipated into detached units ; a perception which is, indeed, dim and
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affected side ; or the tendon jerks, or plantar reflexes, may afford us
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of money to the poor of the village. Although he had been
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own throat, was easily influenced at the first attempt, and rendered
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and forth. If one end of the tubing is too short to handle, the
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above, have long been recognised as belonging to one of the habits of the
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urticaria by E. Wilson. Besnier says that, besides urticaria strictly so-
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malady ; and in chronic insanity recrudescences of mania or melancholia
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as varieties. The first appearance is nearly always that of a little tubercle
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agitans." The name does not recognise the rigidity, which is a more
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With leprosy, sclerodermia, fibroma, and senile atrophy of the skin,
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this pretty plan miscarried in Princes Street after the lady
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living presented to him in Jamaica, by his patron. Sir Will-
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Indian, Persian, Egyptian, or American quackery in prefer-
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risk, for it occurs in a few of the cases. The nearer to the puerperium
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The. cells filled to varying extents with hyaline material are the
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normal writing flowing from left to right, find the act laborious, and
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pipettes the same rule holds as for burettes (par. 1136) ;
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of left swings — 2.4. The deflection sum is therefore +1.6. The
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